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The great tradition of the local shop

March 28, 2011

What’s your local shop like? Perhaps you love it, like I love mine. Without naming names or places, let’s just say that my old local shop was hardly bursting at the seams with lovely edible goods. If somehow you wanted a warm fizzy drink, over-priced wine, a tabloid newspaper or a Pot Noodle then it was a veritable Nirvana; however, if you wanted anything vaguely healthy or even tasty then you were out of luck.

But everything changed when I moved house. Now my local shop has everything. And I mean everything. From mop heads to bouquets of flowers, Brillo pads to Polish dumplings, fine wines to cheap lager. It’s all there and it’s just around the corner. And what’s more the young chaps behind the counter never blink when I bounce through the door with my hair on end and my slippers still on (yes, I am one of those; I wear my slippers to the shop). Instead of laughing into their sleeves at my frightening state, they greet me with a cheery Good Morning (all right, all right, most likely Good Afternoon) and bag up my goods with a smile.

Am I just incredibly lucky? Is your local shop as good as mine? Tell us why your local shop is your neighbourhood hero. We’d also really like to hear from you if you’ve been involved in a campaign to save your local, walkable public services.


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